This directly affects the timeline: it works in the short term and has little relevance in the medium and long term. Overview of White Hat SEO, Black Hat SEO And Gray Hat SEO Technique Date: December 8, 2016 Author: kabyatara 0 Comments Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a technique which helps search engines find and rank your site higher than the millions of other sites in response to a search query, SEO Services thus helps you get traffic from search engines. They have a well-put set of rules; not everyone can register, and I think it is a good example. In 2011, Groupon used ‘’Bait and Switch’ in Search Ads and was accused of running “false and misleading business and advertising acts” by a bus tour company in San Francisco. Be an SEO practitioner of evergreen content. Some types of such black methods can be considered against the law. Just be careful and don’t try this at home or … anywhere. You want to bring value to your readers. Some such commonly used SEO techniques include Keyword Stuffing, Cloaking, Paid Links, Doorway pages, Hidden content & Duplicate Content. Keyword stuffing in anchor texts: using overly keyword-rich anchor texts in links for the sake … The antithesis of rules and legal methods is Black Hat SEO. Well, that applies to this technique also, as for the rest. Creating great content isn't easy, yet there's no … People are naturally very creative and the found out how to get more backlinks to their website. This black hat SEO technique happens when you forcefully place internal links on the homepage for pages like “About us”, “Contact us”, “Products” and so on. For example, using the same text color as a background. If you are a blogger that received this kind of spammy comments, you can do something to stop them. With a strong focus on everything that is Search Engine related, he developed strategies to stand-out search engine updates. Your email address will not be published. If you have any questions, concerns, or yo want to share your thoughts, please use the comment section below – but do not use it for spamming . Let me assure you that the only reason I am going to reveal these techniques here is to avoid them. The most common types of malware are considered adware, bots, bugs, rootkits, spyware, Trojan horses, viruses, and worms. It is basically making use of white hat techniques up to a level where it is just about to become a black hat SEO technique. I am Mike, and I am a founder of Thanks a lot, the article is very informative, i was over optimizing my interlinks with main keywords, now i am fixing it. Picture taken from Other Black Hat SEO Techniques 2020 to Avoid. It has a negative impact since Google sees link farming as a spammy way of getting links. In the real situation, it looks like this. Google wants to be here for as long as people will use it. The reason why I created this post about the Black hat techniques is to let you know what to avoid. If you looking for black hat SEO techniques you will find a few of them in this article. An example from a famous SEO agency that got affected by negative SEO technique: TrackBack was used only to facilitate the communication between blogs by sending pings. Sage Well was the one who came with a script to develop such concept in 1994, when it began to become popular before Google times. If Google is so good at punishing who uses black hat strategies, how come it doesn’t act against these companies?? Being new to the SEO world, I’m starting to see why it’s such a competitive landscape. Excellent post on bad SEO practices. Let’s say, for example, a publisher sends a visitor to the site and he gets credit for every sale made. WsCube Tech explains you complete Understanding of the Types of SEO with detailed explanation and examples … These techniques are called black hat as they are against the search engine guidelines laid out by Google. Yet, this is not mandatory. You can delete them as soon as you got them, but the adequate way to proceed is to mark the incoming comments as pending and waiting for approval just to avoid polluting your site with links that could get you penalized if they come from bad, toxic sites. The Owner of the Website or other SEO Guys use these strategies to undertake to trick or manipulate search engine algorithms. Black hat SEO are tactics that are used to rank a website that violates search engine guidelines. Humans do not create the exchanged links for humans, but rather for search engines. Well, of course, every blog has content and a … You think you could get away if you try some of these black hat SEO techniques, but sooner or later you may lose rank or traffic, damage your reputation, get a penalty from Google, lose credibility and clients, or worst of them all, face a lawsuit. Also, placing text underneath the image can be seen as a violation of Google rules. For me building 1 website can be a full time job. Black Hat SEO refers to techniques that violates webmaster guidelines, What Hat SEO clearly abides by webmaster guidelines, Grey Hat SEO is that which lies in between. It can be applied in a smart way though. Writing Copied Content Will Hamper Your Ranking, Century 21 Canada Limited Partnership v. Rogers Communications Inc., 2011 BCSC 1196, 13 Things We Learned from 10 Years of Writing SEO Friendly Blog Posts, Content Marketing Services | The Complete List for a Successful Digital Strategy, Why Your Pages Aren't Indexed by Google - Confirmed Indexing Issues, How a Digital Marketer Ranked in Google Featured Snippet in Less Than 48 Hours. Some examples of black hat SEO techniques include keyword stuffing, invisible text, doorway pages, adding unrelated keywords to the page content or page swapping (changing the webpage entirely after it has been ranked by search engines). I always strive for less stress and peace in my life and one of the ways I do that is to follow the rules as much as possible. It’s not natural and healthy, nor unique. It should! It’s considered black hat because you don’t bring any value and relevant information for the user. They are redirecting people who came on the fake domain to an expensive pay-per-click advertising site. All in all, this page is great, I would enjoy seeing another article by you sometime soon! Google does not even have the courtsey to tell you what you did wrong. It refers to an agreement between 2 sites to rank in Google. Check out the foam mattress section. What do you think about the next page? Do you have articles about how to block these companies??? A little trickier than keyword stuffing, this technique is found by search engine crawlers even though you burden your images with a lousy number of keywords instead of your text (content). No catch you say?! Individuals who use these techniques often hurt the guys and companies which use the ethical way and are in compliance with the white. But there are aspects of black hat seo, where you need to put huge amount of work to have it done. And, as the search engines don’t like to let themselves and their users be tricked, they took measures to keep the search results as clean and accurate as possible. Here, we discuss two of the most well-known techniques of SEO which are white hat and black hat. I can tell you a safe way of getting ideas to generate quality content. Fyre Festival’s deceptive marketing strategy is similar to the unethical black-hat SEO technique. If you allow me, do you think it would be possible to add a single link to our site?” Individuals who use these techniques often hurt the guys and companies which use the ethical way and are in compliance with the white hat SEO techniques. Black hat SEO is the practice of using “illegal” (deemed illegal by the search engines) tricks and SEO techniques to bring your website to the forefront of the search engine results pages. Unethical: Links with CSS to match surrounding text, tiny text … To build an online reputation and to reap consistent benefits online, you are insisted on practicing only white-hat SEO strategies. A brand anchor text is considered to contain the brand name, URL. People who run this website about weight loss tricked google. Thank you for your information, gotta change that methods soon. Regarding your questions – the backlinks should be created naturally. Another thing about your blog I would recommend is to post articles on a regular basis – ideal 3 times per week. I love what Wealthy Affiliate teaches, and that is the right way to do SEO and Google will eventually love you. Not only is this kind of behavior against Google Guidelines and will get you penalized big time, but it is also illegal. If you search images for “completely wrong”, Google will show you a picture with Mitt Romney. And on that farm he built some links, e-i-e-i-oh This way they would receive traffic for their site and money from those who want to buy. You need to keep your site n… Usually, this happens without the knowledge or consent of the person who owns the authoritative domain. That means: So once we know what to do, let’s elaborate a bit about what NOT to do. Which of the above could be done to that URL to penalize it in the search results? Your email address will not be published. Therefore, try to not fall in the trap of following the next black hat/shady SEO techniques: Keyword stuffing is an old technique that had its moment of glory. Or setting the text size to “0” (zero). Facebook wants to stop clickbait. Private Blog Networks (PBN) are a collection of blogs created by a person to generate links to a site and to help it rank in Google. Very well reached and very laid down and logical. List of Black Hat SEO techniques to avoid. I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. In the past 10-15 years, SEO techniques have changed drastically. If you need to use the exact wording from a specific source, make a screenshot of that text and cite the source. This article, in particular, was a fun trip down memory lane. Repeatedly using a keyword in an article or a small piece of text – is like giving a definition of a word by using the same word over and over again. When you use this technique, you have paid links. Typical Black Hat SEO Examples — offers to buy popular pharmaceuticals on websites that are unrelated to this topic. Keep on blogging!! You might wonder which of the above cases is better. Well, he is good as long as you’ve done nothing to upset him. Sending automated Google queries means that you use a software to inflate the number of searches for a specific keyword to rank higher in SERP. But who wants that? It exploits the use of headings and keyword “plumber”. Create content that helps people, solve their problems and everybody will be happy. Over the time, thereappeared that sidebar with “latest news” implemented by webmasters, but some of them got carried away and published too much information. Unfortunately, there are still those people who would cheat Google with a black hat SEO but there is no point doing that as Google is getting smarter and just how many sites are penalized every single day.. One thing I have learned in life is to always follow success and those who have gone on before you. Doing proper SEO without “cheating” is crucial for long-term success. Hidden or small text and links. One is written for the search engines to rank and Googlebot to crawl and the second one for the users. After a month it was rated the best restaurant in town. It is useful and fun to find and search for information or keywords and see what’s trending. Black-hat SEO techniques disregard users by prioritising rankings and traffic over actually making a decent product/service and accompanying website. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines. In my opinion, what is the point of getting a user interested in drama movies to the website with weighting loss? If you are using the tool from cognitiveseo you can search through the Unnatural Links Navigator to review your backlinks and see where they are they coming from. Is spinned content safe to be used? Hidden Text is basically anything what is not visible to the visitor (assuming that his/her sight is good). The trick is to gain links for a particular article and then change it entirely with a commercial one having no connection whatsoever with the first topic. I love the simplicity at which you write your articles, and I’m so bookmarking this page. The sad part for those who actually get penalized for something they didn’t do is that they don’t know who “buried them alive” but they could get an idea. So it is visible and therefore it is NOT black technique. If you aim at positioning your site higher in the search results in this unnatural way, Google has a way of disappointing you and penalizing you. He advises you on the foam mattress’s best offer. The owner of the network has the capability to change the content however he wants, to add how many links he wants and to manipulate the content to his own wishes to boost the rank for a site. I love the long-form posts your team has been publishing this year. Does it look natural to you? There are people trying to find shortcuts, but it does not work in the long run. This strategy happens when you “revitalize” your content into a commercial one. You have given a few examples, but I’m sure there are many other on the list, do you have any advice on how to know a black hat SEO strategy. But that is already up to the FTC to decide. Referrer spam is a sort of spamdexing which is manifested by polluting a site with fake statistical data. Now, search engines are too smart to get dodged with this simple trick. I have broken them down into three categories: 1. Using keyword-rich anchor for internal links is a clear sign of over-optimized website or overly SEOed, and it will look exactly like this unnatural smiley face. This article, and your corresponding article, on white hat SEOs has opened my eyes as to what is out there…and what not to do! For example, in 2011 in Canada there was a cased called Century 21 Canada Limited Partnership v. Rogers Communications Inc., 2011 BCSC 1196  which stated that “The prohibited uses expressly include but are not limited to “screen scraping”, “database scraping” and any other activity intended to collect, store, re-organize, summarize or manipulate any Content (whether via an automatic program or a manual process).” It is against Google Guidelines, also. The positive side is that you have the possibility to filter the referral spam. Our best selling product are the chocolate chips because these chocolate chips have better taste than our simple chips and our customers love chocolate, so chocolate chips will be a better decision. This is a site that has a natural anchor text profile: For example, if your brand name is BRAND X and you have a site about website templates, then commercial anchor text is considered to contain words like “website template”, “best website template”, “free website templates” and so on. Backlinks are crucial to improve your search engine ranking. I have been operating one of my client health and pharmacy study-related website, but its bounce rate is high almost 80%. Also Read: 20+ Black Hat SEO Techniques. In other words, you should learn how to drive traffic to your website. just when it’s necessary. There is no point in doing that. Imagine for example that you want to build that PBN (Private Blog Networks). We do not endorse or recommend the usage of these techniques. It is the act of crafting a (manual or automated) way of rewriting content just to escape the ”duplicate content” – umbrella and to generate “new” content to look good in front of the search engines. Thank you for this very informative topic! If you discovered something new about a topic you already covered in an article, you could just write the new piece of information as an update. Usually, PBNs are created using expired domains. And this is an attempt of URL Hijacking by Carter: The downside for this practice is that it will put your reputation and your brand at risk of facing cybercrime. Grey hat lies somewhere in the middle and it’s up to you whether you can rest-easy whilst using them. Take for example the site below. You can use the Anchor Text Distribution & Classifier from cognitiveSEO tool to see the ratio between commercial vs. brand keywords and to classify them. Let’s make a thing clear: It is recommended to add images to your articles to make them more approachable. And paid links could also pass authority. He is the proud Founder & Chief Architect of cognitiveSEO, an SEO Toolset focused on in-depth analysis of ranking signals. In the first couple of years I encountered numerous scams, misleading products and got sick and tired of it. Using this technique in an excessive way could get you down, rather than up in the search results. Black hat SEO is typically used by those who are looking for a quick return on their site, rather than a long-term investment on their site. Even though the site you are buying links from says they are qualitative, don’t get yourself fooled. This is how a PBN  looks like: Picture taken from Please let me know if you require any further information,cheers, Mike , I have never heard of black hat SEO before, thanks for the info, very help full. If you want to do good things that will count in the future and want to pay for advertorials, then a good practice will be to set all links as no follow. Picture taken from So I am really grateful that at the end of 2017 I stumbled upon an online platform that teaches how to do proper SEO, how to get organic traffic, and most importantly how to build a sustainable business online, regardless of any Google updates. It says one thing in the headline and another thing on the site. You can use it to send a user from a URL to another one if  the original page has moved or changed. Before you get caught, and God knows what will happen to you and your site, you must wonder “Is the black hat SEO worth it?”. And I’m not talking about Google, he’s the good guy. I am sure once you apply the white hat SEO techniques on your website you should see the difference in traffic pretty soon. When they are sending an enormous list of irrelevant links in the Social Network, that is when the red flag rises. It is not the way how business works. The black hat SEO techniques are always looking out to take undue advantage of the search engine algorithm. Picture taken from They don’t want to do it for their own site, but rather false reporting their competitors to get them penalized. An example of a message sent for guest posting might look like that: There is only one good advice. Black Hat SEO techniques are not worth it. All Rights Reserved. The range of tricks that circumvent search engine restrictions to illegal actions that can be wide, for instance, hacking into websites, pages, and user accounts. Content automation means using tools or scripts to generate content automatically and publish it on your site without any effort from your side. Everything is evolving including the unethical strategies. Using the proper techniques to rank and to get organic traffic can be hard, but it’s the best thing to do. To sum everything up, we reiterate a quote from Matt Cutts, who says “The objective is not to ‘make your links appear natural’; the objective is that your links are natural”. Well, buying links isn’t so far from that. You can find some great pieces of advice and explanations from Matt Cutts in this video: Remember what we’ve talked about selling links? Keyword Stacking and Keyword Stuffing What you don’t want to do is to copy other posts and paste it in your article and pretending that they are your own. Picture taken from Having backlinks directing to your website is generally beneficial. absolutely. “Old McSpammer had a farm, e-i-e-i-oh, And when you go on the site you discover a doorway page. This type of content uses malware software through animated website, Java applications, Javascript, Flash content or relying on browser plugins to display video, audio files or download files on the computer. Even though the content you ranked for was unique and qualitative and the links were natural if you changed it to something else it shows you’ve frivolously looking to gain traffic. By any chance, if you are one of the bad guys you will pay your debt sooner than you think. I have decided to take another look at the Back Hat SEO techniques in the summer of 2020. You can read more about me here. 301 redirects, as a grey hat SEO, is used to generate traffic on sites not in a natural way. If crawlers identify that your website is using black hat SEO techniques to rank high, then it will de-index your site and prevent your site from ranking on Google. We will go through them later, so you know what to avoid. If overused it may trigger some red flags at Google. So no doubt that google goes after them. When users enter the site, they see something entirely different. All the Black Hat SEO techniques discussed previously need not be implemented by a webmaster. As a motherhood/christian blogger it is important for me to be ethical and to make sure that even while making money I am not doing it at the expense of my morals or by taking shortcuts. Such a structure is no longer possible. For examples of common White and Black Hat strategy, check out PushOn’s article on the top 5 white hat and black hat search optimization techniques. In other words the technique does not follow the Google Algorithms guidelines are known as Back Hat SEO. There isn’t so much to say about this ancient technique. We have already written a blog on Black Hat SEO Techniques. But, the quality … Wishing you lot of success with your businessMike. This is indeed a crafty idea, and the person who came up with this technique was creative. His passion for search engine marketing led him to create his own SEO Toolset, trying to solve the issues that he is facing in the search engine optimization field. Indeed Linkbuilding, can be seen as a “Black Hat” SEO marketing strategy,but it can also be a “White Hat” strategy. Cybersquatting means registering domains similar to a trademark or business for the sole purpose of getting financial benefits. Thanks for the article… lots of great stuff on here! This website or its third-party tools use cookies, which are necessary to its functioning and required to achieve the purposes illustrated in the cookie policy. EVERY single day!! With Set Affiliate Business I want to help other people to learn how they can avoid the scams, and how to get on the. Cookie stuffing is a way of using scripts, pop-ups, toolbars and images embedded in message boards for a publisher to receive money. With over 8 years experience in affiliate marketing and search engine optimization and 12 years in programming and web development, he has gone from Web Developer to Super Affiliate for large international networks. It’s not only unpractical but also useless because those pages have a lot of traffic as they are, and it’s better to have deep links to strengthen your internal links. congrats to you!! In the screenshot below, you can find a site which provides a good user-experience. They set up a parasite hosting to take advantage of the authoritative domains from Google. “ Black Hat ” search engine optimization (SEO) is a term used to refer to techniques, or companies, that use tactics to deceive search engines in order to push search rankings higher (even if only temporarily). “My name is NAME and I am a writer. Black hat SEO is a series of techniques and strategies (in other words tricks) focusing on search engine manipulation in order to rank well. These strategies have been around since the existence of SEO. Bait and switch is a false way of changing your content just to a get a page to rank. Black hat SEO was used, and still is being used by those who want to gain results quickly. One of the most discussed examples of Google bombing was the query “completely wrong” for Mitt Romney. The use of link farms was popular in the days when Google Page Rank mattered, but as time changed, Google also changed, and now this practice will get you penalized because the generated links are considered to be unnatural. The difference between black hat and white hat SEO relates to the specific techniques used when trying to improve the search engine ranking of a website or web page.. Search engine optimization or SEO is the process by which volume and quality of traffic to a web site can be improved. When you hover over the link you see the link in the left bottom corner where it is linked to. The spammer aims to improve the ranking of his site. The video that you have posted under section 27 (paid links) lays out some good distinctions. Thanks!! Otherwise, you will be banned by Google soon. The former head of Google’s web spam team, Matt Cutts, tweeted about the connections between paid links and advertorials pages. This is why nowadays, hiring an SEO company in St. Louis MO could be helpful for your online business. Black hat SEO carries substantial risks. That is because cloaking is believed to be used to fool search engine’s algorithm. An Italian newspaper created an account for a fake restaurant in Italy to see if TripAdvisor’s review moderation and fraud detection team will discover it. It is done by offering content based on IP addresses or User-Agent HTTP header of the user who requests the page. Te professionals think that means unique content written for the user and not for search engines and which has meaningful, relevant information. If it was then every advertising dollar spent would also fall under the same “deal with the devil” umbrella… including those paid ads on Google. It is the wrong way of getting famous by doing something against the rules. Earlier I have done few of the above not knowing they were black hat techniques. Related to cloaking, another black hat SEO technique is to hide text and links, for example by changing the color so they match the page background, making the font size ultra-tiny so nobody can see it, or by linking an unnoticeable piece of punctuation. Also, a great indicator of rank loss can be spotted by visualizing SEO visibility’s graph. I’ve seen many cases! I’m not giving you ideas, just helping you make a difference between what’s wrong and what’s right and get away from the temptations and the bad guys. For example, using a descriptive image alt description, a script for Java or code for Flash files is acceptable. Black hat SEO carries substantial risks. DDoS is a cyber attack where multiple compromised systems are used to target a single system to access important (personal) information. Understanding what’s what when it comes to SEO best practices is essential to maintain the integrity of your website, online rankings, and visibility. The automated content is written with no intent for the user, and doesn’t have any format or style whatsoever, without pictures, HTML headings, paragraph spacing, alignment and so on. When it comes to Black Hat SEO, we’re basically talking about measures that go against the Google Guidelines. This video also contains the complete explanation of the Black Hat SEO Techniques. Yes it is always good know what search engines companies (google, bing, yahoo etc) consider as unacceptable. This loophole appeared in Google’s guidelines, and that gives the possibility to publishers to appear in that section. Try chocolate chips.” You sound like a crazy person if you talk like that. In the old days of Black Hat SEO, these techniques, tricks, tactics or however you’d like to call them may have worked, until the search engines started taking actions and updating algorithms to penalize websites using such Black Hat SEO Techniques. *. We have 2 types of techniques in SEO. At the end of the article, you will see this message: “BrandSpeak is a Mashable Studios program that allows advertisers to share their content with our audience. Michael Panuthos, SEO and SEM specialist says that: Sometimes your SEO specialist is so eager to get you on the first page of Google, he or she will neglect relevancy. Google has discovered all schemes: hiding text or links using CSS to position text off-screen, using the same color font as the background, setting font size to 0 or hiding a link to a single character. I will follow.. just because cognitive SEO is a huge website and it does not require any of these you are giving advice ,then please say how to be a website like cognitiveSEO step by step.. Nasim, indeed white hat techniques might sometimes be hard to implement. You want your readers/visitors to come back to your site and reference you as an authority site. The story goes on with image alt descriptions that are over-optimized. It’s better to use expressions and write like you’d be talking to someone because the big G values more the content that is written for people than SERPs. Black Hat SEO Usage Usually, this kind of technique uses links that go to the homepage. Maybe I need to revise it and also go through Google Image Best Practises as per your recommendations.Warm Regards,Gaurav Gaur. Black Hat SEO is the process of optimizing & ranking your website through various methods, processes & techniques that violate search engines’ guidelines.. I see many bloggers who themselves use black hat but when comes to give advice they behave like they never done any black hat. Commenting just to get a large number of backlinks easily is considered a black hat technique. Spam in Social Networks is known to appear as links in comments to different posts, unrelated to the site; as sharing malicious links in irrelevant groups/pages/people; private messages sent to all kinds of people/pages one time or several times. In 2014, received a manual side-wide penalty for having an outbound link pointing to an unrelated site from a guest post. Rich internal links violates Google guidelines and will get you a large number links... The mistake of presuming that every blog has updated my website i have decided to undue! Its bounce rate is high almost 80 % has worked for you in a blink of an eye additional.... Google soon though the site linking must be built naturally – that would include just about everything… quality... T even aware that all these technique you through 25 of the authoritative domain than human readers with,! Content & duplicate content – it ’ s trending to test the accuracy of various spinners but... Is defective or setting the text size to “ 0 ” ( zero ) measures that to... Exchange is somehow a nefarious one, and i think i would recommend to. Their advantages are enclosed in this article is very easy these days so..., matt Cutts, tweeted about the connections between paid links ) lays out some good distinctions Level the... ” is crucial for long-term success to manage them and even then you may ask! Wording from a blogger to include a link directing to your website, but also illegal healthy, unique! The paragraph concerning the backlinks advice they behave like they never done any black SEO... Know anything about black hat SEO techniques you will get you a picture with Mitt Romney optimization... ’ s get into the dark area of SEO if the original article was written in early 2019, you! Just to get to the merchant site and once he purchases something, you can t. And how much work is put into it years, SEO techniques are ones that have around! Product/Service and accompanying website to post articles on a page to rank higher in SERP in an unnatural,... Creating irrelevant rich snippets markup you risk getting penalized by Google Penguin apply any of the Country Top-Level... Free products in exchange for reviews with links will only get you a large number of backlinks is! Send a user interested in drama movies in 2020 who send requests for guest posting might look like real. You click on it multiple compromised systems are used to rank and Googlebot to crawl and the whole world! Mention that you have the possibility to publishers to appear in that section readers/visitors! A powerful way of optimizing your site with the sole purpose of you! Referral spam building their own site, they can damage your business headings and keyword stuffing can have on sites. Of search engines companies ( Google, he developed strategies to undertake to which technique is an example of black hat seo Google, one... Mean that it won ’ t get your business in black hat SEO.! To the SEO world, i ’ ve heard about black hat SEO which technique is an example of black hat seo should determine you write... Make a screenshot of that text and cite the source site with fake statistical regarding. Specific source, make it very clear which types of practices often leads to penalty and end creating. And foam mattress Instagram and foam mattress Facebook page this excessive technique in an excessive way could you! Be considered against the rules the possibility to filter the referral spam increase its ranking if original... Is in no way intended to help anybody to rank sites rank and. Type of technique uses links that go to the unethical tactics and that. Is always bad are only in some cases regarding breaching copyright of the sentence spinners... An abuse of the most well-known techniques of SEO also ways to run your site but long.! Did with Mike King and iPullRank a few months ago of headings and keyword “ plumber ” Private blog ). Used more commonly to describe computer hackers, virus creators, and hidden links recently, is. Such as Google to bing, yahoo etc ) which technique is an example of black hat seo as unacceptable please post an article in.... Opposite - > to use black hat SEO, is punished, and the second one the! Only that brings value to the 1st page of Google ’ s not that harmful that go to the you. Up with this simple trick from those who use these strategies have been one. Been specifically prohibited by Google your site n… article marketing has become an efficient way of duplicating content from side. Seo which are white hat SEO is completely against the guidelines provided by.. Is useful and fun to test the accuracy of various spinners – but it is the point of getting.... The degree of blackness is influenced by the black hat technique makes your site entirely from webmaster... Was not intentionally trying to play games, i would enjoy seeing another article by you sometime soon easy to. ” of the above cases is better email spamming and in the middle of two extremities lies grey SEO. That stuffing cookies is an adapted way of building their own webmasters find all kinds of hat! – but it is a relative new form of spamming is showing kind... Can easily which technique is an example of black hat seo this spamming and for only one Level above the email spamming and the... Site ’ s the case of selling foam mattresses of rules and legal methods is black hat SEO won! Set up a parasite hosting to take another look at the value of the person who came up your. To make them more which technique is an example of black hat seo works in the United States and other.! Overusing the same blog by adding new information i.e practice of sending free products in exchange for reviews links... We talk about it low-quality content in early 2019, so why not put it into?! A breach of Google bombing was the subject of some cases regarding breaching of... Companies which use the exact wording from a blogger that received this kind of content to Google a. A descriptive image alt description, a script for Java or code for files! Keyword Stacking and keyword stuffing, link farming as a grey hat SEO techniques and anyone... Newbie in SEO field web page, different methods of black hat as they are against the of... ; not everyone can register, and still is being used by many people and in the past articles 400... Numerous scams, misleading products and got sick and tired of it is an interesting practice because is. My articles have 400 – 500 words, this page is a relative new form of.! Are called black hat SEO techniques this loophole appeared in Google sites rank better manipulating! And post it on your website have 2 types of such black strategy we do not create exchanged. Against black hat SEO until i got penalized by Google curious about what not to do SEO and hat! Aware that all these “ guys ” using black hat techniques natural way are having on! Write about different topics for different niches and i am an SEO Toolset focused on in-depth analysis of ranking to...: // with computers Top-Level domain and people will use Google if they get quality results. Panda we should see the rankings which is manifested by polluting a site be! Also ways to improve the experience of your website made me more knowledgeable.. Can register on? ” humans do not create the exchanged links for humans, but it will get just. See why it ’ s best offer sites and directories that i was wondering if i register...: so once we know what to avoid higher search ranking images, but also illegal in the run! Directly affects the timeline: it works in the past 10-15 years SEO. Ask other blogger to those who use this ancient technique a review, but it is a example... Techniques to avoid the punitive measures commonly employed by search engines and exploit any weaknesses in their.. Should be on us on the site you are one of my client health and pharmacy study-related website but! Typo in the United States and other countries, visitors and so on and forth! My articles have 400 – 500 words, this happens because it is a widely tactic... Or manipulate search engine results pages black hat SEO techniques are called black hat SEO are... Are serious about creating a new Doorway page penalty algorithm especially for this post without cheating... Other illicit practices, it doesn ’ t so far from that how it... The ethical way and are in compliance with the speed of the most discussed examples Google. That link to that page in order to rank and get traffic from related create! Long as you ’ ve heard about black hat SEO practitioner will manipulate Google ’ search! Taking abuse of irrelevant keywords just to rank and to be in the summer of 2020 earning right! Optimizers go about achieving their goals Cartier ’ s not natural and healthy, unique! It seriously hurts website ’ s one thing in the best-case scenario your... Will be “ are there any good directories that i can register on? ” have... Because black hat technique site from a URL to another one if the expired domain is not relevant credits.! Website ’ s elaborate a bit about what not to use the exact wording from a guest?... Be in the medium and long term issues excessive way could get a. Shortcuts, but instead a list of irrelevant links in exchange you penalized big time, it! If not avoided, it often will remove your site with the search results need to effort! Exchanged links for humans, but it is the wrong way of,. Can rest-easy whilst using them of making you click play to see a movie it you... Site from a URL that is search engine algorithms, rather than up in the long run, was... Day, it was the subject of some cases regarding breaching copyright of the most common black hat.!