I also love the idea of using a CD case as a dry erase board for to-do lists or fun message boards! If you want to start storing your DVDs in sleeves, you should do you best to recycle the materials. 36 Capacity CD Case, Hard CD/DVD Case Holder Durable DVD/CD Storage for Car Kids DVD Collection Reliable case to Hold Your Old CDs Red. You'll need little more than 20 CD cases, a computer, Velcro tape, and, of course, a favorite photo. Can You Recycle Disc Cases? Here are the best carefully selected things to do with CDs and DVDs - you'll love it! Sure, you could recycle the plastic and simply clear them out of your house, but where’s the fun in that? Wobblebot. I’m traditionalist (lol), my CD’s go with CD cases, my Albums go with Albums covers and my socks go in the sock drawer. You'll love these crafts, DIY projects, and more on every skill level, age range, and budget! But you can’t just leave the remaining discs in a heap on your floor. But you can’t just chuck the whole thing into a recycling bin. Donate your old CD, DVDs and tapes to a secondhand store or music reseller for reuse. I nearly threw them out, but then I had an idea… and idea that involved the CD cases and the brand new sharpies! Use photo-editing software to enlarge a high-resolution photo to 26 ½ inches by 18 ¼ inches. [Photo credit: CD cases stack via Shutterstock]. This bird feeder is made from old CD cases and would be a nice and inexpensive gift to make a parent, teacher or friend. Try some of these ideas to recycle or re-use them. Jul 27, 2012. Recycle. They are made of #6 plastic, also known as polystyrene, or PS. It saves paper and reuses the jewel case, too. As you can see there is a tremendous amount of things you can do with all those old discs you have lying around. Use an old CD as the basis for a kids’ craft. Fix It! Be aware that some offer free postage while others will charge. If there were metallic elements, I just ripped them off and separated it. Before you toss your old CD spindle cases away, consider upcycling them to a DIY terrarium, cable storage container, hamster toy, rainfall shower head, bird feeder, bagel sandwich lunch box, and more. 4 Us 2 Be shows you how it’s done. Consider donating them to your local school or library. Upcycled Sun Catcher. Well, we’ve found 24 amazing ideas for you to turn those old unwanted fitness DVDs and one hit wonder CDs into amazing crafts, such … Whether you have decided to consolidate your packaging or need a place to dispose of old compact discs, you’ll face the same problem: where do you do with them? Upcycle Polymer Recycling tell me that jewel cases are made from polystyrene so get recycled into plastic hangers, goldfish bowls, children’s toys and artificial wood, such as decorative dado rails. You can make DIY animal models or whatever you like CD Crafts on your shelf. 33. If you have one of that older CD-ROM drives that have headphone jack, then you have some cool old junk :) These players can play regular audio CDs all by themselves! Tie a loop of fishing line to 3-4 CDS and a bell at the end to … 2008 CD Case Calendar Start your new year off with a cute cd case calendar to display on your desk or cabinet. Now, instead of throwing them away, you can pick up the pieces and decorate your wall with them. So here's the maths .. a CD in it's case weighs around 100g. They need to be protected from scratches, so check out your local electronics store for a durable CD/DVD “wallet.” If you have a large fish tank or aquarium, this Instructables tutorial on how to turn an old stacked CD case into a mini-marine cave will be a lot of fun for your to create.