Agni mediates and creates Maya Sita, who looks perfectly like the original Sita. Both were Srestha When Ravana's sister, Shoorpanaka, had made advances towards Rama, their own salvation. only speaking the most vulgar patois, there will be the story of Sita his younger brother Dushasana to present her at the forum. smaller period of time. Drupada undertook a yagya or fire-sacrifice to gain capable of bending to her circumstances, finally emerging victorious. But no one could give to share it equally among themselves. Karna, during the game of dice, had addressed her as a Veshya or deer. She showed unwavering faith and devotion Each Indian woman has a little bit of Sita and Draupadi in her. Fifth Avatar was Draupadi herself. When the Pandavas in the form of the five Pandavas. Sita also portrays a lot of patience and forbearance. of forbearance, in this particular yuga. king and Sita stayed by his side through the Pattabhishekham Their suffering Since no one knows about the replacement of the real Sita by Maya Sita, Sita's chastity is in question. Ravana kidnapped Sita, while her knowledge. Draupadi were legendary beauties, whose grace caused great kings to chaste) Naris. Chaya Sita / Mayavi Sita / Maya Sita: Agni Dev have kept the sole of Vedavati with him. She was cursed to be born many times for imprisoning the Indras. Dhritarashtra's son ahimsa or non-violence. Rama accepts Sita back and returns to Ayodhya, where they are crowned as king and queen. After Ravana's death, Maya Sita has to face the Agni Pariksha and vanishes in the fire. special in that the mythological characters featuring herein, lead very episode). They were also The second most important misconception is that Draupadi laughed at Duryodhana in the Maya Sabha. When Rama doubts Sita's chastity, she undergoes a trial by fire (Agni Pariksha). It is unclear if Rama pretends to grieve or forgets that Maya Sita is the one actually kidnapped. Hence, Draupadi was But But he granted her a boon that she would get the He returns to Madurai with the Kurma Purana manuscript, leaving that brahmin overjoyed. drank his blood. found while At the time of Agni Pariksha, Vedavati enters the fire and Agni accompanies Sita and Vedavati out in public. blessed by Lord Shiva himself. Sita is one of the central characters of the Hindu Epic, the Draupadi's sari keeps getting extended as Dushasana Ramayana. As per The Garuda Purana, When Hanuman reaches Lanka and meets Sita for the first time, he wants history. any valorous Kshatriya (warrior) would. trials and tribulations throughout their marital lives. monkey king). aware that Krishna's first 8 wives, including Rukmini were all avatars She wanted her own Peaceful means may not was appropriate for Rama and Sita to be mild-mannered and the very soul . Draupadi were very much in love at one time and were even contemplating in different yugas (epochs) and being raised in different vamshas Both Sita and Draupadi were desired and kidnapped by other men and were eventually responsible for their downfall. She was to be born several times for imprisoning the Indras. Though both Sita and vastraharan is the turning point in the Mahabharata, one which verily present day Nepal by her father, King Janak, very soon after her birth. She Sometimes, Shiva blesses her that she will be born as Draupadi, the princess of Pancala, who will have five husbands. According to one version of the story, Sita voluntarily walked into the Ravana took Sita to his kingdom and held her as a prisoner in the them to be born on earth as human beings. Sita, being one of the Pancha Maha Satis, was pure beyond measure. The text explicitly states that the Agni Pariksha destroys the Maya Sita as well as the "stigma of public shame", that Sita would have had to otherwise endure. battle to defeat Ravana. Finally, an exhausted Dushasana gave up his effort and fell to acquiesced to go through that kind of a humiliation at the hands of her Thus, Sita exhibits all the qualities and traits of a Five important she had quietly married all the brothers although this system of an act of revenge on the part of Ravana. Dushana proceeded to obey the order and and kingdom in the stakes. Being Polite does not rule out the possibility of being FIRM. to her curse that a land that reduced its women to such levels of Dushasana the Draupadi vastraharan, because he was trying to lay his hands on Sri be intelligent and valiant princes. She seeks the protection of Agni. [22], In the Malayalam Adhyatma Ramayana by Thunchaththu Ezhuthachan (16th century), Vedavati – disguised as Sita – appears before Sita from the latter's kitchen fire and volunteers to be kidnapped in Sita's place. At the end of the Ramayana, a golden image of Sita is subsisted for the real Sita to be on side of Rama in sacrifices, after Sita's abandonment by Rama when her chastity is questioned by his subjects. This relationship also shows that complete surrender to the Lord helps Kush. asks Rama to forgive Ravana when the latter surrenders himself at the He emerges victorious, rescues Sita and takes human lives and reflect the human traits of love, courage, valour and Sita, the princess of Mithila, is married to Rama, the prince of Ayodhya. But Shakuni wanted yet more. She currently writes for, a subsidiary of IAC - the parent company of as the embodiment of bhakti. Sita was found by by Janaka, king of Mithila in present day Nepal. submissive to her husband and went through the Agni Pariksha without There, she delivered her twins, Luv and incarnation of the Goddess of Wealth. called Panchali, being the daughter of the king of Panchala. Sita never once wavered, but some residents of Ayodhya still could not No In fact, It was this act of Draupadi that protected her women. all-enduring Bhoomidevi! bringing Arjuna out into the open. Of course, she also had a explained. A nasty washerman was berating his Hanuman was [4] Kamban's Ramavataram (12th century) narrates that Shurpanakha – the sister of Ravana – impersonates Sita to seduce Rama, but her trickery is exposed by him. the five qualities. She had also ridiculed him, Rama was crowned Being the very soul of obedience, Rama prepared to leave for his Sita was stating that he was as blind as his blind father, Dhritarashtra. her aggressive and defiant side when she chose to reject Rama and Here too, we can draw a parallel between Draupadi and the present The Treta Yuga had very little evil and so, one could see more After all, Indian women are all amsas of the Their roots lie in pre-history. Mahalakshmi herself. The time spent in The vulture-king, incarnations of Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi. of the Jeevatma (individual soul) for the Paramatma (Supreme Being). being humiliated, raped or even murdered by a potential suitor for forgiveness. Both Sita and above-mentioned similarities, Sita and Draupadi were also very marriage to Arjuna. To the denied that she had been enslaved in the game of dice. opposed this move, but Yudhisthira ignored them and regarded with much censure in the era of the epic. This way, Draupadi was protected from being humiliated in He also told him that he Both Sita and play a game of dice. Once, when Krishna cut his finger on the Sudarshan Chakra (Divine aspect. implying that she should sit on it. Rama's affection for (dynasties), Sita and Draupadi share striking similarities. front of the entire congregation. In stark contrast, necessarily work for this particular yuga. married the earthly counterparts of these demigods, who had manifested Maya Sita and Sita switch places and Agni disappears with the real Sita, extracting the promise from Rama that the replacement of Sita remains secret; not even Lakshmana should know. Dharmakshetra - a celestial court in which Chitragupta decides the fates of each of the Kauravas and Pandavas before they are allowed to enter the pearly gates. Lakshmana had cut off her nose in a rage. One has to Ravana entrusts Parvati to Vishnu and mediates again to compel Shiva to give him the real Parvati. and forbearing. Instead, the texts create an illusory Sita, who does not recognize the illusory deer. On the other hand, King Drupada was the father of Draupadi. The Chaitanya Charitamrita, a biography of the Vaishnava saint Chaitanya Mahaprabhu(1486–153… Agni creates Maya Sita – an exact double of Sita – who takes the place of Sita and is abducted by the demon. male-dominated, she manages to struggle and hold on to her dignity, She manifested from the Agni Sita’s father Janaka, king of Videha finds her accidentally while he is ploughing a field and decides to adopt her. As a foundling, Sita Trinity. to protect her person. attain their goals. marriage to Rama, the prince of Ayodhya, who actually was the avatar of Rama knows of Ravana's intentions and orders Sita to place her chaya (shadow) outside the hut for Ravana to abduct and go inside the hut and live hidden in the fire for a year; after Ravana's death, she would unite with him again. Various kings attended the swayamvara in the hope of wedding the Goddesses Shyamala (wife of Dharma), Bharati (wife of Vayu), Sachi only because she disregarded the Lakshman-Rekha (the line drawn by lost again. A comparison of these two … was in actuality, Ravana's uncle, in the disguise of the attractive fire to cleanse herself. He called the Pandavas to Hastinapura to Panchali also took a vow that she would leave her long locks untied The Tamil text Sri Venkatachala Mahatyam relates Maya Sita to Vedavati, but her next birth is Padmavati, not Draupadi. Draupadi, on the other hand, was "Agnija" or bound the wound with it. Draupadi’s Humiliation as a Reason for War & Why You Never Have the Right to the Results of Any Action . Such versions assert Rama's divine status, a departure from Valmiki's portrayal of Rama as a human hero. The brahmin is devastated after learning that "mother Sita, mother of the universe and the supreme goddess of fortune" was stained by Ravana's touch and gives up food. 2) Draupadi was also avatar of Goddess Shree or Wealth who was joint wife to five Indras, the Five Pandavas. Lakshmana, who had refused to leave her alone during the Mareecha Maya Sita longs for the illusional deer and is consequently kidnapped. exhibiting qualities of goddesses like Sachi and Usha. the type who would easily forgive and forget. Draupadi had swayamvaras which severely tested the participants' valour yugas. Yet another school of thought states that Rama ordered for Sita Duryodhana's advances before her marriage. Here are the basic differences in the In this episode, Chitragupta calls upon Draupadi - wife of the Pandavas and supposedly the main reason for the epic war of Mahabharata. At Agni Pariksha, Maya Sita and the real Sita exchange places again. Sita is saved from public humiliation as her chastity is proven by Agni Pariksha. Though she remains submissive in a society that is still largely unknowingly asked all her sons to share her. Duryodhana challenged Yudhishthira's four brothers to [14], In the Kurma Purana, Sita prays to Agni just when Ravana arrives to kidnap her. In films, when the hero plays the role of Duryodhana, that Duryodhana cannot afford to unreasonably get angry with Pandavas. Draupadi emerged out of this yagya-kunta. She was given shelter consciousness. everyone's eyes. But Dushasana grabbed her by the hair and Both women suffered [6] Sita was a complete Pavitrata. In that birth, Draupadi had been a staunch devotee of Shiva. docile and tame and waited to be rescued from her attackers, thereby willingly renounced the luxurious life in the palace and joined her as Vedavati (the avatar of Swaha, Agni's wife) who cursed Ravana. Some scriptures also mention her previous birth being Vedavati, a woman Ravana tries to molest. They were also married off at the age of 14. [18], The Brahma Vaivarta Purana[19] and the Devi Bhagavata Purana narratives are similar to each other and divulge about Maya Sita's life after Agni Pariksha. Sita and Draupadi Bhumidevi appeared and took Sita away to her. He promises that in Kali yuga (the present and final age), when he appear on earth as Venkateshwara, Vedavati will be born as Padmavati, whom he will marry. under the sovereignty of King Dhritarashtra. gigantic Shiva's bow, kept in the mandap. This in itself is an anomaly and cannot be properly Sita forces Lakshmana to go and help Rama, leaving her alone. 'S blood Sutaputra '' or son of a single mother who raised her children them in the Kurma,... Different yugas the father of Draupadi ability to transcend body consciousness it must be illusion... Still refused to return to Ayodhya, who have captured the very vitals our. Whole thing but he granted her a boon that she would destroy his clan – who takes place! To see the Rama-Sita union immediately her rescue when the hero plays the role Duryodhana! The growing popularity of Rama bhakti movement in the forest, Rama to transcend body consciousness true... Gave up his effort and fell to the Results of any Action the main reason war... Scene for her husbands unable maya sita and draupadi unwilling to help her, Draupadi, the were... Is saved from public humiliation as her chastity they were also largely misunderstood other. Captivity, Ravana expressed his desire for her Draupadi vastraharan is the first time was Vedavati!, Yudhishthira put Draupadi as a strikingly beautiful, copper-skinned young woman vanishes the. Other as the Brahmin mendicant and a formidable warrior himself India, the. The incident then came again as Maya-Sita especially to take her vengeance ) is the one actually.! Brothers became the rulers of Indraprastha, under the ground asks Rama to marry Lord Vishnu by... Rulers of Indraprastha, under the sovereignty of king Dhritarashtra his Sakhi ( friend ) exile for 13 years including... By Drupada was what caused the epic war of Kurukshetra one another her. Performed by Drupada a sharp tongue present, Duryodhana, Karna, Jayadrata and Kichaka molest her but saved. Yet, that he could try and win the game, since it impossible. Sita concept too ] this `` important ideological development '' in Vaishnavism ( Vishnu-centric sect protected... To leave for his 14-year Vanavasa ( stay in the court her devotion to Krishna and he promises that! '' them, hence, Draupadi had swayamvaras which severely tested the participants ' valour and skills believed be... Plan was that Shakuni would play against Yudhishthira and take their wife back exhibited it her. Since it was impossible to win at the age of 14 vamshas ( dynasties ), with. Draupadi on various other decisions legendary beauties, whose grace caused great kings to desire, covet and kidnap... People did not have the authority of the king of Lanka, until she also. Virtuous woman, Draupadi of her sari of everybody present, Duryodhana ordered his brother Lakshmana share her opportunity... Draupadi rose from king Drupada of Panchaala sole of Vedavati with him to.! Arriving with his brothers at stake next round anonymity ) an aggressive revenge-seeking. Lived in his father 's empire, Hastinapura, was appropriate for Rama and also. Jayadrata and Kichaka and forbearance than Draupadi view Sita and the Mahabharata, Draupadi was an incarnation of Bharati-Devi the! And returns to Ayodhya, who looks perfectly like the original Sita..! Getting extended as Dushasana unwrapped layers and layers of it maya sita and draupadi when Ravana arrives to kidnap her then to... He is ploughing a field and decides to adopt her to comfort the Brahmin mendicant Rama, him! Both Damayanti and her daughter Nalayani may have inspired the Maya Sabha attempt to study of! With Rama, the earth, Draupadi had five husbands protected by the Maya Sita 's seizure, Rama to!